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Freestanding Flarestacks (RT Marketplace)


Ad posted: May 21, 2023, by:

Benoit Rentals LTD.

Our standard freestanding flarestack systems are packaged and offered to clients with all necessary accessories for a quick, efficient installation. Our units are delivered to the job site. They are then elevated to where the flare is mounted and secured on top of a free-standing riser that typically consists of multi-diameter cylinder sections. These self-supported flares require no guy-wires and have only one securing point, making the unit take up relatively little space.

Our freestanding flarestacks are available in 3 sizes

  • 3" x 40" (flowrate 2.5 mmscf/day)
  • 4" x 40' (flowrate 3.0 mmscf/day)
  • 6" x 60' (flowrate 10.0 mmscf/day)

All standard freestanding flarestack packages are set up with the following:

  • Fully retractable ignitor with 2-in-1 dual continuous propane or electric ignitor system to ensure a constant flame
  • Solar power system with solar panels, 12V battery, battery enclosure and stand
  • 150# inline flame arrestor with 304ss cell (studs/nuts and gasket)


  • Purge reducer
  • Wind shroud
  • Matching base plate
  • Air blower

New and used purchase pricing and rental options are available.


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