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Head office , Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, 12730, ID.

Phone62 21 719 0323

Cell62 811 984 3676


Hot-Hed® International understands that our Clients' foremost concerns on the Oilfield & on Offshore Production Platforms are increasing safety, revenue & production. Providing the Upstream, Midstream, Downstream, Brownfield & Greenfield Markets with innovative, time & money saving Oilfield Safety Solutions & Services is something we’ve been doing for nearly half a century.

Our company is committed to bringing all of our customers innovative, high-quality oil tools products & the best technical services currently available to the oil & gas industries worldwide. We strive to exceed customers' expectations and have implemented ISO 9001:2000 OHSAS 18001 standards. With 23 offices worldwide, 320 employees and nearly 50 years experience in the Petroleum and Gas Industries, our company is proud to be accident free since 1992.

Hot-Hed employs highly skilled Technicians and Engineers to ensure quality workmanship and superior oil tools products. All team members undergo a regular cycle of rigorous orientation, training and evaluation programs from the time of initial hire throughout their career with Hot-Hed. For additional in-depth information regarding Hot-Hed International's Offshore Products and Drilling Support Services, please visit our website at https://hot-hed.com or contact us directly via our Head Office at: Jakarta@hot-hed.com.


Innovative Oil Field Products

Hot-Hed® Habitat® Pressurized Habitat / Hot Work Safety Enclosure (HWSE): Hot-Hed's portable, pressurized Habitat® Hot-Work Safety Enclosure designed to enhance efficiency & HSE on live production platforms; increases safety, revenue & production - View our Hot-Hed Habitat® video here: https://vimeo.com/hothedinternational/pressurized-habitat-hot-hed-habitat

Hot-Hed® Preheater/Postheater System:the innovative product that started it all. A non-toxic, disposable exothermic heater, used  with the Hot-Hed Heet-Treet® Blanket for Wellhead Installations to uniformly raises temps in 5 to 10 mins.

• Hot-Jnt® Pre-heater/Post-Heater: quickly heats drive, conductor pipe & caissons up to 72" in diameter & a 3" wall thickness within a few minutes, saving clients significant time & money; can also be used as a PWHT in remote areas

• Hot-Bev'lr® Casing & Pipe Cutter: the perfect tool for making quick, easy, perpendicular cuts at any level & with any bevel on casings & conductor pipes 7" and above; significantly reduces costs - View our Hot-Bev'lr® client demo video here: https://vimeo.com/hothedinternational/hot-bevlr-pipe-casing-conductor-cutting-demo

• Lock-Well Nuts™ Anti-Tamper Fasteners: Hot-Hed's patented Anti-Tamper Fastener System, designed as an anti-theft device to prevent unauthorized access to wellheads or flanges; hardened coating prevents cutting through the studs or nuts

• Hot-Chek® Weld Integrity Tester: Hot-Hed's patented weld-testing tool which utilizes nitrogen to test for leaks, weld quality & pressure integrity, without waiting for cool-down or contamination, saving operators both time & money

• Mud-Saver® - Recover 100% Drilling Fluid: Hot-Hed's patented mud bucket, designed for 100% drilling fluid recovery; reduces or eliminates environmental pollution & operating costs, in addition to accelerating clean-up time

PressTest®: self-contained, easily transportable unit for field-testing wellhead & xmas tree cavities on HPHT (High Pressure/High Temperature) wells, successfully utilized in even remote locations.


Oil Field Services & Equipment Rentals

Piling Hammer Rentals: rentals of durable, reliable diesel-driven, single-acting, free-fall piling hammers for driving casings prior to drilling; our Piling Hammers are nearly maintenance free & can be used on various piles

Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning: Hot-Hed's Hydraulic Tensioning services that offer the quickest, safest & most accurate means of stud-bolt tensioning available, while providing uniform gasket compression

Hot Bolting Service: a safe, accurate method of replacing worn out or corroded studs & nuts, allowing the flange assembly to be easily disassembled cold at a later stage, eliminating the need to shut down

Cold Cutting Services:  split-frame, pneumatic-driven cold cutters which produce a lathe-type, beveled or straight cut on pipes or casing up to 32" in diameter & wall thickness up to 2-1/2"; suitable for off & onshore use

Hot Tapping Services: a safe way to Tap metal pipes for plugging operations, as well as set completion plugs/fittings; utilizing our air-operated drilling machine, capable of handling sizes 1/2" to 4" - View our Hot Tapping client demo video here: https://vimeo.com/hothedinternational/hot-tapping-pipe-freezing-demo

Hydraulic Nut Splitters: an ideal 'cold cut' solution for opening worn, corroded or seized nuts, especially where 'hot work' permits are not issued; safe method of removing  nuts or bolts of any grade up to HRc-44 hardness

 Wellhead Installs, Work Overs & Repairs: wellhead installation by our experienced engineers using our patented Hot-Hed® - a pre engineered, controlled heat source - which produces superior welds, regardless of weather, quickly & efficiently. Wellhead installation experts!

Fabrication & Welding: wellhead repairs, barge repairs, fabrications for rig modifications & upgrades, custom-built mud tanks, cargo boxes, trash boxes etc; Hot-Hed's Welders are 6GR Certified

Hydrostatic Testing Serives: hydrostatic leak testing of process pipe work or system to prove the integrity of all flanged joints, fittings & valves before introduction of live-system contents

Hydraulic Torque-Wrench Bolt Tightening Services: Hot-Hed's first-class, globally available, on-site bolt & stud tightening services; we utilize only the best equipment & employ only the most experienced engineers for accurate, even tightening


Hot-Hed International - Balikpapan 1 - Balikpapan

Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur, 76115, ID - Jalan Mulawarman No. 177;
contact: Hot-Hed Balikpapan 1
View on map

Hot-Hed International - Balikpapan 2 - Balikpapan

Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur, 76121, ID - Jalan Wijaya Kusuma No. 24, Gunung Sari Ilir;
contact: Hot-Hed Balikpapan 2
View on map

Hot-Hed International - Chukai - Chukai

Chukai, Terengganu, MY - Kawasan Perindustrian Jakar II Unit 7182;
contact: Hot-Hed Chukai
View on map

Hot-Hed International - Ciudad Del Carmen - Ciudad Del Carmen

Ciudad Del Carmen, Campeche, 24110, MX - Calle 66 S/N. Entre Calle 35-C Y 35-D Col. Fatima;
contact: Hot-Hed Ciudad Del Carmen
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Hot-Hed International - Jakarta (HEAD OFFICE) - Jakarta

Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, 12730, ID - Jl Kemang Utara No. 34;
contact: Robert Fleischmann
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Hot-Hed International - Kulala Lumpur - Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, MY - Suite 19-10-3, Level 10 UOA Centre No.19 Jalan Pinang;
contact: Hot-Hed Kuala Lumpur
View on map

Hot-Hed International - Lagos - Lagos

Lagos, NG - Plot 1218F Sam Adegbite, Victoria Island;
View on map

Hot-Hed International - Mexico City - Mexico City

Mexico City, 04700, MX - Periferico Sur 5264 Piso 8 Col Pedregal De Carrasco;
contact: Hot-Hed Mexico City
View on map

Hot-Hed International - Neuqúen - Neuqúen

Neuqúen, 8309, AR - San Juan 470 Centenario;
contact: Hot-Hed Neuqúen
View on map

Hot-Hed International - Port Harcourt - Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NG - No. 2B Nwuke Street;
contact: Hot-Hed Port Harcourt
View on map

Hot-Hed International - Quito - Quito

Quito , EC - Edificio Albatross, Piso 3, Oficina 301;
contact: Hot-Hed Quito
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Hot-Hed International - Reynosa - Reynosa

Reynosa, Tamaulipas, MX - Calle San Pedro 122, Col. San Antonio 88710;
contact: Hot-Hed Reynosa
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Hot-Hed International - Texas (authorized US service provider) - Houston

Houston, Texas, 77084, US - 5322 Addicks Satsuma Rd;
contact: Lance Pattillo
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Hot-Hed International - Trinidad & Tobago - San Fernando

San Fernando, trinidad@hot-hed.com, TT - 129 C Coffee Street;
contact: Hot-Hed Trinidad & Tobago
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Hot-Hed International - Villahermosa - Villahermosa

Villahermosa, Tabasco, MX - Melchor Ocampo No. 101 Col. Tamulte. 86150;
contact: Hot-Hed Villahermosa
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Hot-Hed Middle East - Cairo - Cairo

Cairo, EG - 21 ش 293، El-Basatin Sharkeya, Al Maadi;
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Hot-Hed Middle East - Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, AE - Al Mina 1st Floor, Silver Wave Tower;
contact: Svein Hillesland
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Hot-Hed Middle East - Doha - Doha

Doha, Doha, QA - Zone 91, Street No 2007;
contact: Peter Momme
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Hot-Hed Middle East - Rawabi Hot-Hed - Al Khobar

Al Khobar, 31952, SA - Rawabi Holding Company Building, Prince Majed Street, Al Khobar Al Shamalia Area, 79800;
contact: Hot-Hed Saudi Arabia
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Hot-Hed International

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